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Why weight training is important

While there are different goals for a fit and healthy lifestyle, physical educator Roger Wolfson believes that to boost overall health and fitness levels, people have to take a holistic approach. This means incorporating different types of training and combining them with proper nutrition.

One of these types of training is weight training. Weight training is part of the program which some of the healthiest people on Earth such as pro athletes and fitness gurus use.

While Roger Wolfson mentions that cardio workouts are great at building endurance, as well as promoting blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body, he says that weight training does all of those as well, and more. Weight training helps build muscles, which are great for burning fat.

Of course, people who often indulge in weight training also experience increased strength, making everyday activities such as standing up, walking up the stairs, carrying groceries, and the like easier. Weight lifting also makes peo…
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A list of essential gear for HIIT

According to physical educator Roger Wolfson, the importance of what a person wears when he works out is often overlooked. A gym-goer’s gear is every bit as significant to his or her safety when engaging in serious physical activity. For example, wearing the wrong pair of shoes can lead to pain, and sometimes even injury.

On that note, Roger Wolfson lists below a number of essential gear, which he believes should be good for people who do high intensity interval training (HIIT).


While some people are comfortable working out barefoot at home, Roger Wolfson cautions against it for HIIT. The feet and legs will take a pounding and wearing comfortable footwear lessens the impact, prolonging the health of the feet and legs. It’s important to note though that for HIIT, the recommended shoes are cross-trainers, not running shoes.


Lightweight and durable t-shirts or tank tops are great for HIIT since they let the body breathe. DRI-Fit shirts are also recommended becaus…

The best motivational cues to tell yourself when fitness gets tough

Roger Wolfson is the first to recognize that many false start and failures in weight loss can be attributed to a lack in mental toughness, more than the difficulty of undergoing physical challenges. Here are some motivational cues you can tell yourself when the going gets too tough in your fitness plan.

1. 'Baby steps.'

Sometimes you get to a frustration point that makes you feel exhausted just by looking at what seems to be the very daunting task of shedding off 20 or 30 pounds. "Baby steps" is a reminder to take things easy at a gradual pace. Progress can be achieved one step at a time. As Roger Wolfson suggests, even when the steps seem small, remind yourself that you get closer to your goal every time you advance.

2. 'Just one more.'

There is such a thing as a saturation point. However, the chances are that the saturation happens in the mind before it does so in the body. Tell yourself to go at it for just one more time. Or this can be just one more …

How getting into boxing can be the best decision people can make

Every time people ask Roger Wolfson what he thinks the best sport is to take on as a hobby, boxing usually is on the top of the list. The multiple benefits of the sport can improve the health of people of all ages and, if done regularly, can carry them on their fitness journey towards their goals.

For this blog, Roger Wolfson shares some of the greatest advantages people can get from the sweet science boxing.

Boxing turbocharges the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Boxing is one of the best workouts for the hearts and lungs known to man. People will need to be constantly on the move, and will be utilizing a series of movements that require effort. To accomplish this, people will need to exert a lot of effort that will give their cardiovascular and respiratory systems a great workout. In fact, the jump rope alone is enough to do this.

Boxing is a great stress-reliever.

Anyone who experiences a hard time at work can head to a boxing gym and blow off some steam by working on t…

Fitness for seniors: A few important points

While physical educator Roger Wolfson used to teach students in school about the best parts of fitness, he does have extensive knowledge in health and wellness for people of all ages.
For today, Roger shares a few important points for senior citizens regarding fitness.

Safety should be a primary concern.

The bodies of seniors aren't what they used to be. Their bones are a bit more brittle, and their cardiovascular and respiratory capacities are a bit more limited. Because of this and other reasons, safety should be a primary concern. Warm-up and stretch time before exercising should be longer, and so should cool-down time.

Low impact is the way to go.

Still about safety, Roger Wolfson highly recommends low impact workouts for seniors. Walking, or even cycling would be better than running. Swimming and golf would also be great options for exercise. For a more fun time, Roger suggests ballroom dancing.

Have a companion.

During exercise, it's ideal that a trainer accompani…

Boutique fitness studios: Are they worth it?

Former physical educator Roger Wolfson has written several blogs that educate readers on various interesting topics regarding health and fitness. Today, he looks at boutique fitness studios and if they are worth the membership.
Boutique fitness studios have gained a lot of traction over the past decade. These smaller establishments offer a fresh alternative to traditional gyms. Boutique fitness studios are also more upscale and focus more on group training. As such, members have a lot of opportunities to interact with one another and their trainer, creating a tight-knit community.

With trainers and instructors specializing in specific routines, boutique fitness studios hold a great appeal for people who prefer particular regimens. Other elements of a fitness boutique include a more intimate training area, a fantastic playlist for the routines, and a set of equipment meant for the workouts.

Boutique fitness studios hold classes, which are at most an hour. It's very similar t…